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Every quarter, MicroAge recognizes an associate for their commitment to supporting our clients and team members and for living our values every day.

Meet Collin McDonald, our Associate of the Quarter for Q1 and MicroAge’s Director of IT. With over a decade in the Channel, over the last five years, Collin has worked in a range of capacities at MicroAge to learn every aspect of our organization and operations to continually drive us forward.

Collin positioned our organization to ride out the disruption with high-performance collaboration solutions, including Microsoft Teams for a transition to a remote, connected workplace. Collin worked tirelessly with stakeholders while leading his team in acting with speed and intention to protect the health of team members and keep departments connected and resources secure.

1. What brought you to MicroAge/why did you want to work here?

I knew some guys who worked at MicroAge and they told me about the culture and work environment, including the friendly executive team and their investment in helping team members succeed. It was a major change from the big corporation mentality.

2. Tell us about what you do every day in your role:

I am the middleman between the end-users and the executive team.  It is my job to come up with strategies that align a plan of attack with the visionary goal. Additionally, I research new technologies and ways to utilize them within our environment as well as our clients’.

3. What do you love about working at MicroAge?

My co-workers for sure!  There is a wealth of knowledge here, not just with technology, but in life.  Finding a person who is willing to sacrifice their time and energy to help you achieve your goals is a major part on how many of us achieve that next version of “us”.

4. We know every team member makes more possible. How are you making a difference?

Because of my technical background and partner relationships, I use my expertise on what I’ve done and seen firsthand to help solve problems for our clients.  Forums are great, but having someone you have a personal investment in who you can call that has already gone through the same process of what to expect and how to overcome it helps tremendously.  Not only with the trust as a partner, but the trust your business puts on you.

5. Which of our MicroAge values resonate with you most and why? (Add value to everything we do  •  Respect our relationships  •  Act with integrity • Make things happen  •  Do it right the first time •  Have fun!)

Do it right the first time.  If you spend that extra time planning, coordinating, and developing your “vision”, it may seem like a lot of time was spent with nothing to show for it until it all comes together, and it all makes sense.  Compare that to the time you’ll spend doing it over again because you decided to cut corners and think about all those “what if’s “.

6. What is your best MicroAge memory?

Getting promoted to being the Director of IT!

7. Who inspires you and why?

Gordon Ramsay.  Because nobody gets ahead in life by doing the same thing everyone else is doing!

8. What do you enjoy doing most outside of the office?

Playing League of Legends.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”- Van Wilder

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