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Kyle Yencer MicroAge

Last month MicroAge announced the acquisition of Semaphore Co. Founded by Kyle Yencer in 2008, the Georgia-based full-lifecycle services firm—delivered implementations, migrations, and upgrades to support managed services. With a deep focus on Microsoft, the cloud, Networking, and VMware, Semaphore Co empowered businesses with a complete range of best-in-class technology services.

Powered by Kyle’s leadership, Semaphore Co executed thousands of engagements with a deliberate and strategic approach to matching approaches and innovation with custom strategies for transformative results. Results that fueled MicroAge and our clients. The acquisition follows Semaphore’s formal recognition as MicroAge’s Outstanding Partner of 2019.

Kyle has since joined MicroAge—along with the full team from Semaphore—to lead the MicroAge services arm as our Vice President of Services and Connected Workplace.

We asked Kyle about the recent move, his insights into services, and how he’s supporting MicroAge—and our client base—in an aggressive expansion.


Tell us about your background. What brought you into the technology services channel?

Diving head-first into technology services largely stemmed from my passion for assisting organizations in maximizing the value of their technology spend and providing them with roadmaps for the future.

What makes you live for problem-solving and how does it play into your leadership style and business approach?

Simple, the results. Seeing the results drives me to turn problems into solutions. In terms of leadership approach, more often than not, I look at the weight of a problem in a greater context. I’m not looking to solve the issue at hand. I’m looking to solve things on a larger scale.

That’s the work I’m passionate about doing with my team members for our clients—finding solutions that drive results.

How did you build up Semaphore Co and what did you learn in the process from your clients?

One word, partnership!  Semaphore Co was built on a foundation of long-term relationships with clients. We’ve always told our clients we are an extension of their team. Many of them share this exact sentiment.

While the list of lessons learned is long, the overarching theme is seeing how so many organizations approach business provides us with a unique vantage point to deliver top-notch guidance on best practices.

What made the chemistry perfect for joining MicroAge?

Fortunately, our businesses share almost identical core values. Most importantly, we share a passion for helping our clients adopt the right solutions for their business.

What do IT leaders need to know about using managed services to gain a competitive edge?

Efficiency! Our clients can adopt solutions that carry a significant barrier to entry without learning everything from the ground-up. We accelerate timelines and reduce the impact on business productivity with services designed for agility that deliver outstanding results.

Your mantra is focused on delivering on-time. Why is that accountability critical in today’s disruptive business environment?

Results on time are always important.  There are so many products and solutions that have dependencies on one another. Missing the mark on our delivery might get in the way of overall progress. We’re here to help organizations accelerate and transform, so we can’t have that.

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