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The percentage of time software, hardware, servers, and cloud-based applications are fully accessible, and working efficiently is one of the most imperative elements of an IT infrastructure. Ideally this figure is 100%, but even the best-designed frameworks will experience unpredictable failures related to both physical and virtual components. Just a few minutes of unavailability can have a considerable impact on productivity and the bottom line, with seemingly isolated lapses often having a snowball effect. To counter this tendency, organizations implement solutions such as Veeam’s Backup and Replication to seamlessly activate backups to speed recovery and minimize downtime after a failure.

Veeam’s Availability Suite, however, is a step up from Backup and Replication. It provides all of the features of Backup and Replication, with additional functionality that goes beyond simple preservation and reconstruction.

Monitoring, Capacity Planning and Reporting

Enterprise IT requires around-the-clock supervision and a solid plan for maintaining uptime. Availability Suite includes Veeam ONE, providing 24/7 monitoring, reporting, and assessment functions that can keep backup windows acceptable and help enterprises plan for fluctuations in infrastructure capacity.

Proactive monitoring of network hardware, virtual functions, applications, services, servers, and other elements in the IT framework continuously scans for potential issues and alerts IT admin so they can mitigate problems before they occur.

In addition, server capacity planning capabilities utilize historical traffic and usage data to identify trends and offer suggestions for capacity needs. Availability Suite also generates performance reports that can be used to make improvements to the infrastructure or for compliance purposes.


Increased Recovery Speeds

Organizations that still rely on conventional approaches to backup recovery may soon find themselves at a substantial disadvantage. The challenge stems from the vast amount of data that’s collected and produced in today’s business environment. Traditional backup applications are often unable to handle these large data stores efficiently, leading to delayed backup recovery at best, and data loss at worse.

Veeam’s Availability Suite combats this by leveraging the data in the environment to run a virtual copy of any IT element application in the event of a failure—providing uninterrupted front-end performance while backup recovery occurs on the back-end so you can recover data from storage snapshots.

Infrastructure Assessment

Organizations need detailed insight into their infrastructure to ensure good decision-making. Availability Suite allows you to evaluate how optimally your backup infrastructure is configured and suggests actions you can take to improve performance.

It works by comparing your current framework against optimal metrics and identifying problem areas. You can then update, disable, or replace components as needed.

You also gain access to a map of your virtual infrastructure, allowing you to verify the contents of backup files. Veeam’s solutions enable you to monitor backup resources as well, tracking space within the infrastructure and alerting admin when storage is getting low.

Glitches and outages are unavoidable, but they don’t have to impact performance. All Availability Suite’s tools work together to not only provide the comprehensive visibility necessary to deal with existing and potential failure issues effectively but to strategize and manage your capacity requirements. This leads to better optimization of IT resources across the organization and encourages a proactive approach to backup and recovery.

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