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Veeam is one of the leading backup and recovery software solutions, mostly used in virtual environments. Now with the announcement of physical agents for Windows and Linux machines, this blog post will cover details about the different editions of Veeam Backup & Replication.

If you are an IT manager or business owner looking for a better backup and recovery solution, the main takeaway here is that Veeam now has a flavor for virtually any environment.

Scalable and Affordable

Veeam licensing is very flexible, scalable, and affordable compared to other enterprise-level solutions. There is one license per physical socket, and the only decision you need to make is whether you need the VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V offering. One of Veeam’s strengths is deep integration with lots of existing infrastructure and software solutions running in IT environments today.

Veeam Backup & Replication currently comes in three different flavors: Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.

Standard Edition

With Veeam Standard edition, you can back up your disk with built-in deduplication, swap exclusion, and compression. You can also backup from file-based systems. Cloud Connect Backup & Replication lets you use the power of the cloud to gain an extra level of recovery and replication.

You can recover an entire virtual machine with quick rollback functionality.

The Instant VM Recovery feature lets you immediately restore service by starting a VM from a backup file. You can also recover virtual disks and single VM files like VMX. At the file level, you can recover files from a wide variety of industry file systems used by Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows, BSD, Novell, and MacOS.

Enterprise Edition

If you choose the Enterprise edition, you get all of the features of the Standard edition as well as additional features useful at the application level. When you think about the Enterprise edition, consider all the applications you’re using. It has a lot of advanced recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle.

This will be extremely helpful because when you are backing up and recovering a lot of big, expensive databases, it’s a relief to know that when you must recover a huge file, there are Veeam built-in tools to help.

Enterprise Plus Edition

Jumping up to Enterprise Plus, start thinking about the infrastructure level. You get everything in the previous editions as well as deep integration with a variety of storage technologies including EMC, ExaGrid, HPE, NetApp, and Nimble. In addition, you get built-in WAN acceleration for replicating to multiple sites.

With Enterprise Plus, think about what hardware you are using and the deep integration Veeam provides as well as the WAN acceleration between multiple sites.

Ask yourself, “Do I have multiple sites, and am I going to be replicating between them? What primary storage platform am I currently using, and does it already have deep integration with Veeam?”

Whether you are just getting started with your backup environment or you’re looking to enhance what you’re currently utilizing, it’s important to re-evaluate current solutions. Technology is changing so quickly and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. MicroAge is here to help you navigate the latest changes.

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