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Avoid disruption to your organization with a holistic approach to security. Ransomware attacks cost the enterprise more than $8 billion every year. Proactively building a security strategy is mission-critical to protecting your business and remaining competitive. Scale your security with your business—arming every aspect.

Security Strategy

Reduce risk and position your organization for growth while MicroAge makes our powerful partnerships work for you. Our security experts define, design and implement a comprehensive security strategy to protect your IT infrastructure from the latest cyberthreats. Rest assured with objective guidance and deep expertise every step of the way.

Managed Security Services

Prevent Cyberattacks, business downtime, and multi-million-dollar data breaches with best-in-class security services. MicroAge helps define, architect, and implement a security strategy aligned with your goals while empowering full security landscape visibility with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) servicesharnessing AI and ML for real-time insights.


Application Security Testing

Defend your web applications from growing cyber threats. MicroAge security experts and our partners provide objective insights to find the best fit for your application security testing. Let us implement the right technologies and make review tools accessible to your development team while saving them time to focus on innovation.

Policy and Procedure Development and Management

Keep your organization in compliance with centralized control and visibility into security policies across hybrid networks, application mapping, risk analysis, and real-time compliance. Let MicroAge manage and scale your security policies, procedures, and processesfrom HIPAA compliance to PCI regulationswe define, build, and implement a comprehensive security policy.

Compliance & Regulatory Standards

MicroAge helps you pinpoint gaps and navigate regulatory standards while providing powerful remediation recommendations to support you in achieving and maintaining certifications. Our compliance services encompass all industries, including CIS20, COBIT, CMMC (Cyber Maturity Model Certification), COSO, DDS, Digital Forensices, FEDRAMP, FFIEC, FISMA, GDPR, HACCP, HIPAA, HiTrust, IS027001, NIST, PCI, and SOX.

Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

Stop reacting and take control of your IT environment—harnessing deep knowledge into network behavior. Our security experts provide powerful insights into network behavior and guide you in actively protecting your organization from security threats. Secure your systems by proactively detecting and mitigating harmful network anomalies.

Host Intrusion Detection and File Integrity Monitoring

Achieve compliance requirements, sooner. Protect sensitive data while meeting industry requirements with real-time file integrity monitoring (FIM). Give your team deeper visibility into changes before a breach ever occurs with active notifications and data. Monitor file access in real time and see who is accessing, downloading and modifying system-critical files.

Physical Security

Protect sensitive data, software, networks, equipment and facilities. Physical security is more challenging than ever with the mobile workforce accessing multiple devices every day. Meet PCI and ISO compliance and eliminate vulnerabilities to secure your assets online and onsite.

Social Engineering

Educate your workforce and protect your most valuable assets. 40% of company data is lost by employees who are unaware or less cautious on mobile devices. From security assessments to penetration testing to coaching and training, our security experts and partners empower a more informed and secure workplace.

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