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Could the cloud help your organization increase productivity and flexibility while lowering costs?


It’s clear the cloud is more than just hype. Cloud computing offers organizations of all sizes the ability to save time and money on infrastructure deployment and maintenance while giving them the flexibility to increase and decrease those resources as business needs change.

Businesses moving to the cloud can choose from three basic models: private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid of the two. While there are likely some applications and data you want to store in-house, other applications are better suited for — and more cost effective in — the cloud.

Helping IT leaders navigate those choices is where MicroAge shines. With extensive experience in data center design, our solutions experts understand how to effectively and securely integrate on-premise applications and workloads with cloud-based options, creating a custom approach for every business.

A cloud solution can help provide:

  • Automatic software updates.
  • Affordable disaster recovery options.
  • Cost effective storage and flexibility for fluctuating bandwidth needs.
  • The ability to work anytime anywhere.
  • Enhanced collaboration with version control.
  • Increased security — lost devices no longer mean lost data.
  • Cost savings.

As your cloud partner, MicroAge can help:

  • Design a data center that takes advantage of public and private cloud technologies to achieve your goals.
  • Pinpoint the most cost effective approach.
  • Assess and recommend products and services that fit your environment.
  • Assist with the migration of Office 365 and other applications.
  • Deploy your cloud or hybrid solution.

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