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3 Important Differences Between Archiving and Backup and Why It Matters for Office 365

Backup or archive, what’s the difference and why is it so important for Office 365 environments? These questions keeps coming up because these terms are used so interchangeably. Knowing and understanding the difference is mission critical when it comes to aligning your data storage methodology and goals. So, let’s get started, first here are definitions…Read More

How to Reduce Latency, Improve RPO, RTO Under Budget

Photo representing How to Reduce Latency
Figuring out how to reduce latency issues for a company with nearly 1,000 employees across nine offices in five countries is a challenge. Now, imagine doing it with just two IT staff. That’s what the new director of IT at an international retail company was tasked with. “The IT director was hired to fix the…Read More

Veeam Availability Suite v10 and What It Means For Your Business

I just recently returned from Veeam's annual conference, VeeamON, and one message was prevalent: Veeam is looking to put more emphasis and focus on their cloud and physical environment offerings. The big announcement they left us with was Version 10 of their already industry leading Availability Suite solution which will be generally available late 2017. While we…Read More

Take Your Backup Plan to the Next Level with Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite
The percentage of time software, hardware, servers and cloud-based applications are fully accessible and working efficiently is one of the most imperative elements of an IT infrastructure. Ideally this figure is 100%, but even the best-designed frameworks will experience unpredictable failures related to both physical and virtual components. Just a few minutes of unavailability can have…Read More

Which Edition of Veeam Backup & Replication is Best for Your Environment?

Veeam Backup & Replication
Veeam is one of the leading backup and recovery software solutions, mostly used in virtual environments. Now with the announcement of physical agents for Windows and Linux machines, this blog post will cover details about the different editions of Veeam Backup & Replication. If you are an IT manager or business owner looking for a better…Read More

Make Data Accessibility a Reality in Your Environment With Dell EMC

Dell EMC Recoverpoint
I've learned many hard lessons about the importance of backup and recovery planning. Waiting until a disaster occurs to think about recovering lost data and getting systems back up and running can lead to serious financial losses for businesses, as you have to deal with the costs of data loss and also the loss of revenue that results…Read More

Why Backup and Recovery is Vital for Your Disaster Response Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan
  In a world of "always-on" cloud databases, it can be easy to feel like data backup and recovery has become a thing of the past, leading to the question, "is backup dead?" When it comes to disaster recovery and planning, the answer is a firm "no." Here's why. Understanding Backup's Place in the Disaster…Read More

Unitrends Backup and Recovery Solutions Keep Businesses Running

Unitrends backup recovery solutions
Realizing that you don’t have a data backup or disaster recovery (DR) solution is stressful. But so is the thought of researching solutions — and finding money in the budget. MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd recently counseled two clients with similar DR and data backup needs. The first, a power company, wanted to make sure they could…Read More

Carbonite EVault Data Backup and Recovery Keeps Huge—and Growing—Database Safe

When you have a database of 235 million consumer records and more than 2,200 participating organizations, you have to have ironclad reliability in storage and data backup and recovery. Specializing in providing data for clients to market to their customers, this company is experiencing data growth of 30 percent per year. It is mission-critical to…Read More