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VMware Cloud on AWS Connects Geographically Dispersed Business Units

Photo for VMware Cloud on AWS solution story
From scalability and continuity to reduced costs and flexibility, the cloud offers a range of benefits for an enterprise. Hosted applications also can be an effective solution for keeping multiple businesses connected. This was the case for a specialized venture capital group that needed the ability to host a finance application in the cloud to…Read More

MicroAge Rescues EMS Company with IT Managed Services

Business growth is exciting—after all, it indicates success. But there’s a downside, too: the IT challenges that come from trying keep pace. Read on to see how MicroAge recently helped a company get a handle on things with IT managed services. For a growing private ambulance company on the West Coast, the business strategy of…Read More

MicroAge Receives VMware Top Cloud Sales Award

Recognized for 2019 Outstanding Cloud Sales Among Solution Provider West Region MicroAge is honored to have received the VMware Top Cloud Achievement Award for 2019 in the Solution Provider West region.  VMware representatives presented the award to MicroAge on March 29, 2019, in recognition of MicroAge’s outstanding cloud sales for VMware. “A great team achievement…Read More

Use of Snapshots for Testing Patches Against Ransomware

Ransomware activity is on the rise, but you don’t have to be taken off guard. Combined with a solid security and disaster recovery strategy, VMware vSphere’s snapshot functionality can quickly and easily help your virtual environment to be protected against these malicious threats with little to no downtime by providing a safe method for testing…Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS: Better Together

VMware Cloud on AWS
The wait is finally over with VMware and AWS jointly announcing the initial availability of VMware Cloud on AWS.  The solution is truly compelling and differentiated; bringing together the industry leaders for private and public cloud. No longer do customers have to make a binary decision of Amazon Web Services or VMware, it is now…Read More

VMware Announces AppDefense at VMworld 2017

VMware AppDefense
A New Way to Protect Your Applications The international reference for the Kilogram is a cold cylinder of platinum and platinum-iridium alloy, which is kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) near Paris. We use this isolated reference to measure all other production kilograms. VMware feels that this strategy is what will…Read More

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center: Agility, Security, Economy

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center include agility, security and economy
When it’s time to make improvements to your organization’s IT infrastructure, there’s a lot to consider — your IT strategy, your current environment and hardware, your budget and your team, for starters. The IT leadership at one large credit union in the Southwest understood the importance of evolving their technology while maintaining the utmost security…Read More

VMware vSphere Enterprise is End of Life so What’s Your Next Step

VMware vSphere Enterprise Upgrade Path
UPDATE:  vSphere Enterprise to vSphere Enterprise Plus 50% off Promo Expiring July 29th, 2017! For those of you that are unaware, as of June 30th VMware vSphere Enterprise is EOL and no longer available for purchase (although support for existing Enterprise licensing will be available through 2020). VMware has moved from the previous vSphere suites:…Read More

How to Build a Software-Defined Data Center and Consolidate IT

How to Build a Software-Defined Data Center
What if you had no centralized data center? And your finance department managed its own data? And your marketing team had its own server too? And sales … And HR … And they all hired their own IT consultants to help them, leaving your limited IT resources to be used as repairmen rather than strategic…Read More

VMware Announces Intent to Sell vCloud Air Business

OVH Group Acquire VMware vCloud Air
As of this morning, VMware has announced that it will be selling it’s public cloud offering, vCloud Air, to OVH Group.  With the recent announcement of the software giant’s partnership with AWS, this is less than surprising as the company looks to move away from their self-supported public cloud offering.  This bodes well for not…Read More