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Are you efficiently managing your software...or is your software managing you?

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Software can quickly become a complex and unwieldy beast. After deployment, software must be continually patched and upgraded for the most seamless performance and security. Licenses need to be continually reviewed to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. And costs need to be reined in so you’re not paying for licenses you don’t need.

So how do you tame the beast?

MicroAge can help you evaluate your current environment and develop a manageable software strategy.

Software Mastery Starts Here

A simplified software solution can help:

  • Better understand what software you have.
  • Reduce licensing costs.
  • Keep software up to date.
  • Ensure licensing compliance.
  • Prevent security gaps.

As your software partner, MicroAge can help:

  • Select and deploy new applications.
  • Perform a software license review.
  • Consolidate software licenses.
  • Simplify license management.

What We Offer

Essentially, if you're looking for a software license review, we can help.

We've Got a Soft Spot for This

We like to think that we really know software and software management. Our expertise comes from our excitement about what software can do and our desire to keep it under control for our clients. But enthusiasm alone isn't enough; we have the certifications and accreditations with all of the major providers of software solutions, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell and VMware, to make our soft spot our strong point.

In fact, MicroAge sales and technical consultants total more than 1,000 partner certifications—more than 200 with VMware alone—and average 13 years of experience each. That makes us uniquely qualified to create the right software solution for you.

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